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CounselingEver been on a walk and then finding you are more relaxed and can think things through?

Sat in a stuffy meeting room or in your office struggling to sort out an issue that is important to you?

Working in partnership with others but never given time over to discuss how it is progressing?

Walmer, near Deal, offers many stimulating walking experiences, especially along the nearby coastal path along to the famous White Cliffs.

Walking the Talk is a creative approach to combining wellbeing and coaching. Research tells us that there is a clear link between the open air, walking, clearer thinking and a heightened sense of wellbeing. Also, we know that if you are working in partnership then it is important to have open communication on what partners are seeking to achieve, current working and how the partnership could be even better.

Using accessible, stimulating walking routes for all abilities, matched to a 'step by step' coaching model, individuals or pairs of clients are coached along the route. A review completes the session, with the option for a follow-up within an agreed timescale.

Is it costly?
Partners share the one session fee.

Wasting time?
Investing in your relationship is a cost saver and productive

Adding value?
Based on your practice issues, with clear action outcomes

Confidentiality outdoors through adherence to BACP code of ethics.

White Cliffs Counselling brings a wealth of experience of using the outdoors safely, creatively, and effectively for personal and organisational development. If, however, you feel a more conventional form of coaching would best suit your needs then we are able to work in-company or at a different location.

Please contact Brendon Harvey on 07973 266976 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it